TMJ Treatments Available

Have you ever had a clicky or popping jaw, pain when chewing food, or headaches? This could be caused by your TMJ!

The TMJ is the temporomandibular joint, and it connects your jaw bone with your skull on each side. Like all joints, it is important for each TMJ to have full range of movement and good muscle control. Disorders in this area can result in many symptoms including:

⭐ Clicking, popping and other joint noises
⭐ Locking jaw
⭐ Pain around the jaw/ear
⭐ Difficulty opening your mouth or chewing
⭐ Headache

These can often be the result of clenching and grinding your teeth due to stress or in your sleep at night. Your dentist may have noticed accelerated wearing of your teeth and in some cases, there is a need for a night guard to be worn. Additionally, other habits which cause muscle tightness and joint problems can also contribute.

In addition to your dentist’s treatment, Physiotherapy can be very helpful to resolve these symptoms.

The TMJ can be a very complex and specific issue to treat, that is generally not seen to by most Physiotherapists. At Move for Better Health you will be seen by a Physiotherapist with extensive knowledge and training in these problems. TMJ Treatment can involve hands on treatment, exercises, lifestyle changes, or dental treatment.
Treatment begins with an assessment to determine the dysfunction which is causing you pain. This includes an examination of your jaw, neck and manual testing of the TMJ.
Typically, treatment may include hands-on therapy, exercises for you to do at home and advice to ensure your usual activities and habits are not contributing to your problem. As treatment continues, we happily communicate with your Dentist and GP to update them on your progress.

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TMJ Treatments Available

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