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Korpermotus Pilates

Location: Level 1, 123 Unley Road

Business Hours:

6 days per week Open for classes and bookings only


Phone: 0431 735 597


Korpermotus Pilates//

‘Cross-pollinating movement forms to create better humans’

We offer Clinical, Reformer and Motus classes as well as 1:1 and 2:1 sessions, 6 days per week. Please see website for further details.

körpermotus was born out of a desire to share the Pilates method and the ideals with every human possible. Whilst this sounds ambitious, Adelaide Pilates studio körpermotus envisions a strong, healthy, reliable and intelligent body alongside equal development of intrinsic musculature, global musculature and cardiovascular endurance. This is achieved via their Pilates and Motus classes to improve the functionality of the body.
We are grateful that the contemporary Pilates method is flexible in nature and can be accessed and adopted by all; whether it be accessory training for athletes, improving daily functionality for quality of life or fusing the principles into functional fitness.