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Podiatry Services SA

Location: 2/78 Unley Road, Parkside SA 5063, Australia

Business Hours:

Sat 8am-6pm


Phone: (08) 8373 1797


Podiatry Services SA provides home visit services, podiatry care to Residential Aged Care Facilities, and locum podiatrists to a range of Podiatry facilities.

Specialising in assessing, diagnosing and treating:

  • Toenail problems -thick, ingrown, hard to cut.
  • Skin problems -corns, calluses, warts, tinea.
  • Foot wounds/ulcers.
  • Diabetes.
  • Aches, pains in toes, feet, ankles, legs.
  • Flat feet or high arched feet.
  • Bunions.
  • Trouble walking, exercising, playing sport.
  • Toe walking or intoeing.
  • Require orthoses or insoles.
  • Trouble finding comfortable shoes to fit.
  • Paediatric conditions such as toe walking or intoeing

They also provide educational presentations to doctors, health professionals and the community on

  • general podiatry
  • diabetes
  • specific podiatric conditions, and
  • footwear

They also provide on-site ‘Feet & Work Shoes’ Assessments on employees using our Feet & Work Shoes Assessment Tool. Podiatry Services SA has developed this Tool to assist with accurately identifying and managing foot problems in the work place.