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Taverna Meganisi

Location: 170 Unley Road Unley

Business Hours:

Wed - Sun Dinner


Phone: 8357 3223


Have you ever been to dinner in a Greek house? Well, that’s what it’s like to eat at Taverna Meganisi, because here’s the thing… Greek food is supposed to be shared!

Culturally in Greece food is more than just sustenance. It’s celebration, it’s art, it’s expression and its family. Long lunches followed by even longer dinners, with jugs of wine, deep conversations and of course a bit of dancing (especially when ouzo is involved).

Over-flowing plates, towering platters of food and that feeling of love in every bite. Forget fancy plating and diet sized portions– this is about feeding your body AND your soul.

Our speciality is ‘mezze’, which is Greece’s answer to Spanish tapas and Italian antipasti.

The idea is to order a bunch of plates to share with your table, so try everything and fill your belly. We also have a range of main dishes too if you want a plate to yourself.