New Year, Fresh Start Part II

A new year also means new opportunities! An opportunity to implement that self care regime that you have been intending to do.

Self care may look different depending on the person but really it is anything that you do to make yourself feel better. 

This may be the year for paying more attention to your physical and emotional wellbeing so we’ve listed several options to help you on your way. 

Universal Fresh Fruiterers 

Now is a perfect time to boost your immune system and give your insides the TLC that it deserves! Our friends at Universal Fresh Fruiterers stock only the freshest produce and are serving up delicious smoothies, green smoothies and juices daily. 

Eternal Spirit 

It’s all about good vibes this year so give your house, car or workplace an energetic clearing and start 2022 with renewed energy and wellbeing. Eternal Spirit stock a variety of alternative and holistic products, ready to support your spiritual journey, healing and personal development. 

Hearing Sense 

Ear health is also important for our overall health and well being, when your ears are not functioning properly you can experience hearing loss, balance issues and delayed speech processing. This is the year to take control of your health and book in for your hearing test!

Eyes & Vision 

It’s time to go back to work and back to school….. But first, are you up to date with your eye test? The wonderful team at Eyes & Vision offer comprehensive eye examinations and a wide range of customisable eyewear for the entire family.

The Physio Society

There’s no need to put up with those aches and pains any more! The physiotherapists at The Physio Society offer hands-on treatment and clinical exercise classes to help manage various injuries and conditions, and are committed to helping their patients reach their rehabilitation goals. 

Total Back Care 

The specialist chiropractors and massage therapists treat their patients with a holistic approach, treating the person and not just the symptom. They focus primarily on back, neck and shoulder pain and also treat a wide range of ailments and conditions. This is the year to take control of your health and well being!

Put yourself first this year and give your mind, body and spirit the TLC that it deserves. 

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