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Unley Road

Unley Road is open for business!

What a brutal few months! COVID-19 has been a disaster on many levels, bringing economies to their knees, and pushing the worlds health and emergency services to the brink.  Unley Road has felt the impact of the pandemic, with the forced shut downs and social distancing rules meaning many shops and businesses were forced to close or significantly change the way they undertook business, restaurants were forced to either change their business models to takeaway/delivery only or close altogether, the barbells in the gyms were left gathering dust and for the few businesses that were able to stay open, there was not many people venturing out!

However, we are now heading into the light! As COVID-19 cases are decreasing and restrictions are easing – the message is simple;  Unley Road is open and we cannot wait to see you!  We encourage everyone to come down to Unley Road (socially distanced, of course) and support the local businesses, as it is vital that they get continued support. And Unley Road business owners and staff, we encourage you to do business with your neighbours!

How can you best support Unley Road businesses?

The easiest ways are common courtesy, but we thought it timely to reinforce them now more than ever.

  • Book a table for a meal and stick to your reservation. Tables are more valuable now than ever, so make sure you book for your groups meal, and be on time!  Importantly, don’t overstay your welcome either (see our next point!)
  • Grab your coffee to go. Cafes and restaurants need people spending money to survive.  If you sit at a table with a $4.50 cup of coffee and your newspaper for an hour,  you are costing the business money, so grab your favourite latte to go and let someone else (who is wanting to have a meal) take the table.
  • Sanitize! Don’t forget your hand sanitizer and use it!  We aren’t out of the woods just yet and it is now socially unacceptable to ignore this!
  • Write a review. Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Trip Advisor reviews whatever is easiest.  Great reviews help businesses survive too, so drop them a few words and let everyone know how great your experience was.
  • Shop local. You might save a dollar here or there by shopping online, but local traders rely on good old fashioned foot traffic to support themselves and the best part is, you get your item right then and there – no waiting for the courier or mailman!

No one likes to see empty rows of shop fronts, and now is the time for everyone to come out of hibernation and spend some money support local Unley Road businesses.

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